June 18 2012 Monday at 02:09 AM

Meet Team Violet: Berlin Tomas, photographer

My good friend used to have an amazing blog called MMOM (Meet me on Monday) where she interviewed her friends, acquaintances, and people she generally found interesting.  She's since taken her blog off the interwebs, so I've decided to somewhat continue on with the tradition by interviewing all the people who are involved with Violet Boutique, since they are all super interesting in their own ways.  Berlin is the first guinea pig...

1. First of all, tell me about yourself:

[name] Berlin Tomas.

[nickname] Berl.

[current location] San Fran-Mother Funking-Frisco.

[profession] Bill collector and Time Stopper.

[5 things you can't live without] Carmex. Camera. Love. Ideas in my head. Family.

[first love] Baseball.

[current crush] Spotify.

[perfect companion] My mom.

[latest discovery] That i think it's time to start eating healthy now.

[vices] Not recycling. 

[insecurities] My chubby face.

[best or worst lie you ever told] I told her i didn't love her.   

[proudest moment] July 13, 2010. Cafe International. 

[best piece of advice you ever got] Do what's right, not what's easy. 

[you'd recommend] I recommend to get your hands dirty every now and then.

[in five years...] I don't see myself getting my last tattoo. 

2. How did you get into photography? Honestly, I don't know when or how. I just seemed to find myself in a happier place when a camera is in my hands and when I'm taking photos. Simply said, photography makes me happy. 

Why do you like shooting for Violet Boutique? I like shooting for VB because they let me shoot the way Berlin Tomas would shoot. And the fact that I'm still growing as a photographer, I get to grow along with VB and be a part of something awesome. 

3. 5 Random Facts About You:

[1] I don't like pizza.

[2] I don't like straws.

[3] I would eat gummi bears for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could. 

[4] I have my own baseball card. 

[5] I have every newspaper of every homerun Barry Bonds hit in his record breaking 2001 season.

4. a) Via the Proust Questionnaire:

[your favorite virtue] Being misunderstood.

[your main fault] Being indecisive. A lot.

[your idea of happiness] The Giants sweeping the Dodgers in the NLCS to go to the World Series only to beat the Yankees in seven games at Yankee Stadium with me in the press box shooting the game with my dad.

[your idea of misery] The Giants getting swept by the Dodgers in the NLCS to go to the World Series only to beat the Yankees in seven games at Dodgers Stadium with me in the press box shooting the game with pretty much anyone. 

[natural talent you'd like to be gifted with] I wish i could be F'ing awesome at skateboarding. That means I wouldn't have to walk as much as I do and I could just grab my board and skate my ass to point B. 

[your present state of mind] I'm hungry, for more life. 

[fault you have most toleration for] Being indecisive, I have no choice but to tolerate it. Being indecisive is what Berlin Tomas is, love it or hate it. 

[trait you despise in others] Ignorance. 

[what is your greatest extravagance] For a good five years, I spent all my paychecks on shoes. But in retrospect, it made me cool, and I sold about 80% of my shoes on the sixth year and made all my money back and then some. Thank you to all you Hypebeasts out there for buying my used shoes for more than what I paid for them. 

[your most treasured possession] My camera. All of them. They help keep my memories alive and keep me happy. Along with my tattoos. 

[your favorite motto] "What are you waiting for?"