June 18 2012 Monday at 02:13 AM

Meet Team Violet: Patrick Kawahara, Photographer


1. First of all, tell me about yourself:

Name: Patrick Kawahara

Nickname: Pat, Patty, Patsie, P, Puh, Patches, Rick

Current Location: San Francisco

Profession: Photographer

5 Things I can’t live without:



-Note Cards



-Learned Lessons

First Love: Crystal, pre-school. 

Current Crush: Greta Gerwig, famous, but still...attainable. 

Perfect Companion: An empty bottle to remind me of my mistakes.

Latest Discovery: My parents support 

Vices: Assuming.  

Insecurities: Large groups of people. People who talk at me. 

Dirty Little Secret: That I watched you sleep last night.  

Best or worst lie you ever told: That I had my parents support. kidding. kinda. 

Meaning of life: To somehow find someone whose heart will break when I die. 

Proudest moment: Being old enough to where being awkward was rewarded. 

Best piece of advice you ever got: You’re better than that. 

You’d Recommend: Laying on the floor, Taking showers in the dark, Developing your own film.  

In five years: Ill be twenty years away from half of one hundred. 

2. How did you get into photography?  Why do you like shooting for Violet Boutique?

-I got into photography with a blue and orange Fisher Price camera. From there it became a means of escaping from crowds of people. The camera became a tool that allowed me to be alone. Besides the completely depressing aspects of why I got into photography, I really do enjoy being able to capture moments of life that are happening around me. The continuous pursuit of capturing that “perfect shot”

-I enjoy shooting for VB because I feel that it is rare to shoot for a company that makes the relationship with their photographers a priority. 

3. 5 Random Facts About You:

1.) I like how Cheetos turn my fingers orange. 

2.) I like how Merlot turns my teeth purple.

3.) I air played my way through fifth grade Cello class.

4.) I always get ginger ale on airplanes. 

5.) I am sorta weird... 

4. a) Via the Proust Questionnaire:

Your favorite virtue: Silence is golden. 

Your main fault: I say “yes” too much. 

Your idea of happiness: Knowing my decisions will take care of my actions.

Your idea of misery: Being trapped in a tent with a spider.  

Natural talent you would like to be gifted with: Ability to paint like the boss Bob Ross 

Your present state of mind: Rushed.

Fault you have most toleration for: Ignorance.  

Trait you despise in others: Lack of work ethic. 

What is your greatest extravagance: Dreaming. 

Your most treasured possession: Haven't found one yet.   

Your favorite motto: It changes. That is not a motto, just a fact.  

4. b) Via James Lipton

What is your favorite word: Indeed.

What is your least favorite word: Could.

What turns you on: Freckles. 

What turns you off: People who don't make eye contact. 

What sound do you love: Screeching tires, I love anticipation. 

What sound do you hate: jingling of keys.

What is your favorite curse word: Fuck

What profession would you like to attempt other than your own: Car designer. 

What profession would you not like to do: Firefighter, someone would die. 

If heaven exists to you, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates: “You’re late”