June 18 2012 Monday at 02:24 AM

Meet Team Violet: Austin Kim, sometime model for Noble, worker bee, and writer

(disclaimer: this is an old post, therefore, these are old answers)

[name] - Austin Kim
[nickname] - Steve
[current location] - San Francisco, CA
[profession] - Disgruntled Employee 
[5 things you can't live without] - bourbon, cigarettes, a pen, a pad, and a book

Tell me a little bit about yourself
[first love] - a girl who knew better.
[current crush] - Chloe Moretz
[perfect companion] - someone who laughs at my jokes.
[latest discovery] - Jenny Lewis was the annoying red-headed girl from "The Wizard".
[vices] - Smoking, drinking, gambling, claymation porn.
[insecurities] - I'll never leave anything behind 
[dirty little secret] - I love anime.
[best or worst lie you ever told] - "I don't care." 
[meaning of life] - Leave something behind.
[proudest moment] - My mom told me she didn't have to worry about me anymore. 
[best piece of advice you ever got] - "Always grow."
[you'd recommend] - liver in all forms
[in five years...] - I don't want to have to look back in regret.

5 Random Facts About You:

[1] I'm a premie.
[2] I've been hit in the head with a golf club.
[3] I still read comics.
[4] When I was five years old, I bit my best friend on the chest and drew blood.
[5] I am a meat popsicle.
Fill in the blanks:

[I love] the weak.
[I feel] it all.
[I hate] the strong.
[I hide] my hopes.
[I miss] the warm weather.
[I want] everything from you.
[I need] nothing from you.
[I wonder] what's with all the questions.
[I'd rather] be fishing.

Via the Proust Questionnaire:

[your favorite virtue] - selflessness and compassion
[your main fault] - listlessness
[your idea of happiness] - the warm sun and the shade of a woman to keep me cool.
[your idea of misery] - the workday
[natural talent you'd like to be gifted with] - a great voice
[your present state of mind] - inebriated.
[fault your have most toleration for] - naivete.
[trait you despise in others] - arrogance.
[what is your greatest extravagance] - a prada suit.
[your most treasured possession] - my notebook (the movie on blu-ray DVD).
[your favorite motto] - "Indifference deadens the spirit."

Via James Lipton

[what is your favorite word] - "werd"
[what is your least favorite word] - "pertrubed" because I've pronounced it wrong my whole life.
[what turns you on] - mischievous smirks
[what turns you off] - bravado
[what sound do you love] - whispers in my ears
[what sound do you hate] - breaking glass
[what is your favorite curse word] - cunt
[what profession other than yours would you like to attempt] - anarchist
[what profession would you not like to do] - questionaire taker
[if heaven exists to you, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?] - I'm not mad at you.

Via Requests

[greatest regret] - not being a braver child
[greatest fear] - not leaving anything behind
[greatest lesson learned] - karma is a bitch
[greatest privilege] - being the baby
[greatest injustice] - being the baby
[greatest misperception people have about you] - I'm steve aoki
[singular moment that helped to shape who you are today] - the day I learned that I can be selfish about life.
[what would you tell yourself 10 years ago that you didn't know then that you know now] - Nothing at all because I wouldn't listen.