July 02 2012 Monday at 01:18 AM

Unique SF was amazeballs.

Following is my photojournal for Unique SF.  As I've mentioned, I LOOOVE UniqueLA and I was very curious to see how the first SF show would be.  The turnout was INSANE, all the vendors were super tight and amazing in their own ways, and we had a great time!  Some highlights: I ate a delicious faux duck bahn mi from Rice Paper Scissors, I found a new ear cuff vendor for VB (the best ear cuffs), and I realized that all girls in SF were as crazypants as me for hair braids after catching a glimpse of the mile-long line for free hair braids at Aveda/Toyota.  I mean, what the effff?  And what did we learn?  If you want to make millions, you should've created a salt company.  I've never seen anything like it, just salt... flying off their shelves.  I bought one too. DOH.  It's so good.

The setup

special thanks to Sam and Pauline, and my roommate (not pictured) for all your hard work!

The venue (SF Concourse Exhibition Center)

spotted: someone in love with the saddle bag

of course, life isn't complete without some instagram photos.  [vintage cutie trying on some shoes for size]

LA transplant 

the all powerful He-man! (Sam)

cute group



the bestest.  wtsg.