September 11 2012 Tuesday at 12:24 AM

VB Epic Weekend







 1. and 2. meet my new team of interns, models, friends and Banksy

3. self-love

4.shooting for new fall arrivals (coming soon)

5. Aggy and I sellin our wares

6. The lovely duo of Haute Look (coming soon), Aggy and Ben!

There have been some new and amazing changes here at Violet Boutique.  We have some fabulous, truly talented interns who have joined the team.  You will be able to see their contributions right away in this blog, like our intern Ivette's fashion posts, our streetwear photographer Nicole's posts, and so many more.  We have the beautiful Kris back as a model, and our new model Catherine is just the hottest.  You'll see our new shoot coming up on the site soon!  Meanwhile, meet our interns!!  ~Terry