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About Violet

Terry Kim- Owner, photographed by Kent Hwang

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away and a time not too long ago, a very fashionable young woman gave birth to a little girl. The mother spent her time and money dressing the little girl in the cutest outfits she could find. The girl wore them with crossed arms and a frown. As the seasons passed, the outfits always changed, as did the styles, and soon so did the young girl’s attitude. The arms uncrossed and the mouth relaxed and what was once disdain was now love and appreciation for her mother and the keen fashion sense she possessed. No longer was she a girl wearing what her mother picked out. No, this girl was transforming into a monster obsessed with fashion.

The little girl experimented with vintage, designers, and whatever she could find and afford. Her small hometown didn’t have much to satiate her hunger and obsession and soon it grew to a level that the state of Kentucky could not possibly satisfy. And so the girl left to the only logical place to feed: Paris.

She fed voraciously on APC, Et Vous, Helmut Lang, Zadig et Voltaire, and any soldes (sales) she could find. Unfortunately, the quelling of her fashion hunger caused a rise in her nutritional hunger. These were exclusive satisfactions that meant one fulfillment caused the other’s deprivation. So she continued to shop and subsisted on a meager diet of baguettes, yogurt, and jam. She loved one jam in particular that was found only in a little confiserie in the south of France. It was a delicious violet jam, and she was so enamored with it that she decided she would one day name her firstborn "Violet".

Soon her tastes were unsatisfied and off she travelled to Sweden where, coincidentally, her perspective was altered while attending a barbecue. The place was full of Swedish girls sporting mullets and were dressed like futuristic Audrey Hepburns. The boys were on the same level, styled to a T. As she looked around, her eyes were opened.  They were all creative types: artists, designers, buyers, DJs, and musicians.  These people were ahead of the curve and she became hungry for what they had. She soon left back to the States, but would one day return to eat off the same plate as them.

The young girl was a young girl no longer. She had graduated from college and was looking to the future. Her desire still stirred at her core and she went to the place where true monsters go to satisfy their hunger: Tokyo. There, her obsession with fashion exploded into an almost out-of-body experience. She examined all the different looks and styles and decided that this too was what she wanted. After one year she left, but knew she would one day return to this place, as well.  

Now a young lady, she worked in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. She helped produce fashion shows, learnt the business end, and worked on styling, but the job wasn’t what she wanted and her hunger was still voracious. She moved to the San Francisco Bay area to work at an internet giant, et voila, created her firstborn baby, Violet Boutique!  

This was the story of the beginnings of a dream.  Violet Boutique is a culmination of life events leading to the goal of selling the cutest clothes possible from all over the world at affordable  prices to people who can’t get it otherwise. Stockholm and Tokyo were always top cities to hit, but these days amazing fashion can be found anywhere if you look for it-- or you can let Terry Kim, fashion beast, look for it while you sit back and relax.  

The End.

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