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Team Violet

Terry Kim- CEO and founder of Violet Boutique, Buyer, Stylist, Photographer, Filmmaker, Nail artist, Blog Writer, Instagrammer and Pinterester.  Besides fashion, she likes watching depressing or intense films, eating everything with sriracha, and loves seeking out those individuals who definitely and absolutely give a shit.

Sam Bowden- Buyer for Noble Menswear, show and photoshoot assistant, bestest and sickest clothes picker and wearer.  Fisherman. Interests other than fashion include; ocean sports, garage sales, vintage jewelry, and exploring new cities, towns, and villages.

Patrick Kawahara- photographer, trademarked creepy face and he's a standard taste maker.

Berlin Tomas- photographer. Berlskee knows what's up.

Pauline Prideaux - Creative Director.  She draws, designs, codes, cooks, takes photos, plays squash and dreams.

Violet Interns!

Allison Mariner - Product Photography and Marketing intern. An inspired, fashion minded, nature girl originally from Pennsylvania. A traveler at heart, she discovered San Francisco and knew there was no better place. Loves being outdoors, with friends, swimming, exploring, and all around enjoying life.

Howard Lee- photography and design intern.  He just recently entered the photography scene with full on passion creating what he loves most.

Nicole Lewis - Photography Intern and aspiring fashion photographer.  Nicole finds her inspirations from both the fashion and the fine art worlds, and enjoys creating conceptual self-portraits during her free time.  When she's not busy with art, you can find Nicole spending her day hip-hop dancing, or kicking ass in boxing and self-defense at her favorite local SF gym!

Quang Dao- Graphic Design intern.  A graphic designer by profession, and a starving artist by nature. Urban nomad. Art lover. Wannabe photographer. Trend observer. Pretend typographer. Cream puff Addict. Always in the mood for afternoon tea and desserts!

Violet Models- [ lana | page | kris | amy | morgan |  austin | dion | adam | layla | allie | catherine ] are hot and should not be bothered.

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